Thomas the Rhymer

Jack Hughes & Thomas the Rhymer

Book 1 Jack Hughes Trilogy

Thomas the Rhymer-small

Fairies took his brother…

When Jack sees a sinister woman kidnap his bother Dan, he knows his parents will never believe him. Nor will the police. Not when he says Dan vanished into thin air. If Jack wants to see Dan again, he has to save him. And not just him …

If he ever wants to find Dan, first he must save Thomas the Rhymer from a wicked enemy.

Bravely embarking on a rollercoaster adventure into the dark fairy realm, Jack and friends face monstrous griffins and brooding tapestries with a life of their own, learn to use magic mirrors and travel on ley lines that whip them off faster than sound

Even if he returns Thomas the Rhymer to his selfish fairy queen, she might make Jack her prisoner. With the odds stacked against him, can Jack succeed in finding and freeing Dan?

Or will he lose his brother forever?

Discover the story of Jack Hughes and Thomas the Rhymer


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The trilogy’s written, so I’ve reread “Jack Hughes and Thomas the Rhymer,” to reconnect with the characters. Stay tuned, because I’ll be reviewing the other two books soon. Now, forget everything you thought you knew about faeries!

This fantastic story delves into one of my favorite subjects, faeries! Not only was it geared toward the YA genre, but it also included a fair amount of historical facts to make the story shine. Those historic details make this book unforgettable …

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What else has been said about Thomas the Rhymer?

‘Fans of Harry Potter & Narnia will love Thomas the Rhymer’

‘Thomas the Rhymer leaves you feeling like a child curled up in a comfy armchair on a wet & windy afternoon, lost in a good book’

‘Spellbinding! An ideal read for young & old alike!’

‘This is a terrific story, beautifully written with great imagination & gentle humour. The plot is well crafted & cleverly interweaves fantasy with reality. The momentum is maintained throughout the book, with action on every page. The human characters are solid & believable & the fairies are cleverly portrayed as being powerful while at the same time vulnerable’

‘A real page-turner – full of excitement & wonder’

‘The climax is absolutely brilliant, not only magic, imagery, spells & incantations, but gives a feeling of real danger too. And with a terrific sting in the tail’


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Thomas the Rhymer-small

Find Posters, Gifs and other artwork at Jack Hughes Books

Read the poem Jack wrote about his experiences


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