A Canticle for Jean Lee

My good friend and fellow author, Jean Lee, is running a highly successful audio series called Story Cuppings.

In each episode, she reads and comments on the first chapter of a novel- sometimes her own choice and sometimes recommended.

Jean’s audio is a true delight and damn entertaining to boot. As you will discover if you follow the links and listen.

I do not know if she had any acting training or if it is simply because she is a brilliant educator (if she was my teacher I would hang on every word), but her vocal abilities are enviable (says the man with the world’s most boring voice).

This week Jean reads and explores something I recommended in one of our emails- Walter Miller’s 1959 dystopian novel A Canticle for Leibowitz.

What’s it about you might ask?

Over to you, Jean …


May you enjoy her highly perceptive and entertaining performance as much as I always do.

And become as much of a fan.

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