Hear me now

Bookstores, libraries, and coffee shops are the usual venues to listen to an author reading from and discussing a lastest work, perhaps with coffee and a muffin, or even over a nice cup of tea and a slice of hot buttered toast.

With such venues closed, due to the current catastophe, Rebecca Budd created a virtual space dedicated to writers and thinkers discussing their work and interests. Not though I have much of a claim to being either a writer or a thinker.

Yes, you are right. False modesty is simply an even more unattractive form of arrogance. I’ll shut my gob shall I?

Last week I was lucky enough to be Rebecca’s guest on her blog-cast Tea, Toast and Trivia. Here you will hear us discussing the thoughts behind three extracts from Jack Hughes and Thomas the Rhymer as well as listening to me read from the novel.

The extracts are:

The first half page of the novel

The point where Jack and his friends meet Thomas the Rhymer

The beginning of the novel’s climax within Queen Sylvie’s fairy kingdom

WordPress:  TeaToastTrivia.com:    https://teatoasttrivia.com/2021/02/15/season-3-episode-7-paul-andruss-reading-jack-hughes-and-thomas-the-rhymer/

SoundCloud:   https://soundcloud.com/rebecca_clanmother/s3-e7-paul-andruss-reading-jack-hughes-and-thomas-the-rhymer

Anchor Podcast: https://anchor.fm/teatoasttrivia/episodes/Paul-Andruss-Reading-Jack-Hughes–Thomas-the-Rhymer-eqfc3r

I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed talking to Rebecca

10 thoughts on “Hear me now

  1. I did listen to it, and as you know, enjoyed it very much.
    I want you to know that I had trouble getting to your blog. You liked some posts on my blog. When I clicked on your name (in the annotator), blog name or gravatar, all I got was 404’s.
    So I went to Rebecca’s blog, found you in comments, clicked on your name & got the 404 thing. Then when I clicked your gravatar, I finally got your page with your blogs on it.
    Not sure if it’s you or me, but thought I’d mention it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you Resa, It is probably me I need to spend sometime sorting out the blog… but as always I am in the middle of a project and as I am not good at multitasking (i’m only a bloke afterall) I need to juggle things. As I am not that good at juggling either I will have to finish what I am doing and get it sorted out. Thank you for the heads up it is appreciated – Paul


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