Author Paul Andruss


Since childhood I was fascinated by the phantasmagorical and strange. Cursed with a mind that squirrels away peculiar facts, I suppose it was natural these would become a central feature in my novels.

As I got older I often forgot where I found these oddities. Odds and Sods: A cabinet of Curiosities was born as an on-line notepad and sort of grew from there. Now it showcases the curious stuff I come across when researching my novels.

The blog includes stories from science, history, myth, miracles, occult objects & fabulous beasts.  Sample Posts:  HistoryBonfire of the Vanities / MythPhilemon & Baucis / MiraclesThe Lady at Lourdes / Occult ObjectsThe Turin Shroud/ Fabulous BeastsThe Horse Cock / ScienceAlma (Are Neanderthals still alive?)

I was a guest Writer in Residence on ‘Smorgasbord- Variety is the Spice of Life’ where you can enjoy exclusive extra articles: Still Waving – the poet Stevie Smith / Marc Bolan’s Millions / Who were the Proto-Indo-Europeans? / The Truth of the Cottingley Fairies / Venus in Furs & Justine in Tears- De Sade & Masoch / Rosabelle Believe – Did Houdini return from the dead?


Author Paul Andruss is signed to Black Wolf Books

Black Wolf Books recently published the young-adult fantasy novel

Jack Hughes & Thomas the Rhymer

Thomas the Rhymer-small

Jack Hughes and Thomas the Rhymer released by Black Wolf Books, Cub Imprint, is a magical fantasy aimed at Teens and Young Adults – ages 12 and above. It is the first book in the Jack Hughes trilogy.

Like JK Rowling’s Harry Potter books and Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy it will appeal to readers across age groups.

Available in digital and paperback editions (IBSN 9798638941277)

Jack Hughes and Thomas the Rhymer is the first volume of a trilogy. Books 2 & 3 are scheduled for release by Black Wolf Books.

Read the most recent review here


Book 2: Jack Hughes & the Daughters of Albion

Daughters of Albion-small

The second book in the Jack Hughes trilogy sends Jack, Catherine and Ken on a new adventure. When the dying fairy queen Bess of Holebourne begs the friends to help save the Elfin, Jack, Catherine and Ken discover their earlier adventure only scratched the surface of the ancient mysterious fairy realm.


Book 3: Jack Hughes & the Thirteenth Treasure


The third book in the Jack Hughes trilogy concludes the adventure begun in the Second book, as friends  Jack , Catherine and Ken are drawn ever deeper into the ancient fairy realm on the quest to find the thirteenth sacred treasure of the Elfin.


Other work scheduled for release by Black Wolf Books

Finn Mac Cool


Finn mac Cool is a modern retelling of the Irish Myth cycles with a science fantasy edge.

Rude, crude and funny, explicitly sexual and disturbingly violent,

Finn Mac Cool is strictly adults only

A must for those with Irish ancestry or interested in Irish legend and folklore


A novella


Written like a 1940’s film noir, Ollywoodland is a wickedly comic look at the salacious gossip plaguing the Golden Age of Hollywood. Gossip the studios worked hard to bury.

Ollywoodland is strictly adults only

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