Thomas the Rhymer New Review

 Rosie (by Patrick Hartnett written for Thomas the Rhymer) Book Review Thomas the Rhymer by Carol Taylor A child is missing under very peculiar circumstances, there is nothing worse that can befall a family. The tale of magic and mayhem soon unfolds. There is not much time to find Dan or he will be gone … Continue reading Thomas the Rhymer New Review

Thomas the Rhymer Book Review

Author Paul Andruss has an expert knowledge of mythical creatures and the world of the fairies which he shares with the reader using the most beautiful and expressive language. He pulls you into this fairy world, which exists in parallel to our own and which is fraught with difficulties due to human technology and progress. This book also shares valuable lessons about everything not being as it appears to be and the value of strong friendships.

Sir Chocolate and the Condensed Milk River

Sir Chocolate and the Condensed Milk River by Robbie and Michael Cheadle   Sir Chocolate and the Condensed Milk River by Robbie and Michael Cheadle is a story and cookbook in one. It is the latest in a great fun series from a mother and her young son, the Author/Baker team of Robbie and Michael … Continue reading Sir Chocolate and the Condensed Milk River

On the Shoulders of Giants

  When Sally Cronin included me in her list of 10 nominees for The Miranda Sings Award – A chance to say I Love Me! A list of 7 things you like about yourself. I admit to quaking in my boots.  Smorgasbord: Variety is the Spice of Life Sally’s piece had all the unmistakable qualities … Continue reading On the Shoulders of Giants

Thomas the Rhymer Review 2

Thomas the Rhymer Book Review by Brigid Gallagher A mystical adventure that will appeal to all age groups   Jack Hughes witnesses the abduction of his brother Dan by the wicked fairy Sylvie. Nightmares and visions of a mysterious tramp take over his reality and he becomes torn about sharing the truth behind his brothers … Continue reading Thomas the Rhymer Review 2

What’s in a Name? (Vol 1)

Book Review: What’s in a Name? (Vol 1) by Sally Cronin   I always feel sad reaching the end of a Sally Cronin book. It is not simply because I feel a chapter of my life has closed. Nor because I will no longer be dragged along, a willing, nay eager, voyeur into the lives … Continue reading What’s in a Name? (Vol 1)

The Writer and the Rake

Book Review: The Writer and The Rake by Shehanne Moore   I can confirm Shehanne Moore is no Miss Barbara Cartland. Now there is two ways you can take this news. If you are anything like me it will be with a lusty huzzah and an air punch. I was never one for simpering virgins … Continue reading The Writer and the Rake

Just an Odd Job Girl

Book Review: Just an Odd Job Girl by Sally Cronin   I have known Imogens all my working life; women in their middle years with varying circumstances. Through death or divorce some have no partner. Others are married, happy or otherwise. But the husband is working and the children grown and gone. An empty nest … Continue reading Just an Odd Job Girl

Thomas the Rhymer

  I was recently lucky enough to be interviewed by Sally Cronin. At the end of the interview, my good friend Sue asked a thought provoking question: what drew me to the ideas behind Thomas the Rhymer? To be honest Sue’s incisive question left me realising I have forgotten a lot about why I … Continue reading Thomas the Rhymer

Tales from the Garden

Book Review: Tales from the Garden by Sally Cronin   Sally Cronin is a superb short story writer. Her work effortlessly uses an uncluttered economical style to create charming classic narratives; rich in description and punctuated by subtle humour. Tales From The Garden is a book of 9 short but delightful modern fairy stories and … Continue reading Tales from the Garden